We have three tents. Virgo, Leo and Cancer named after their respective constellations. All located on the one big property in Central Tablelands NSW where each tent can’t see any of the other tents when on the decking.

Our tents are designed for a maximum of two adults. Guests are welcome to book additional tents for the same date and can enjoy themselves at one particular site with their friends and retire for the night to their designated tent.

We’d suggest stocking up perishable in Lithgow (if not before you leave home) if you’re coming from Sydney. We suggest trying the following cafes, The Hub if you’re coming to us via Bathurst, Hometown if you’re coming through Lithgow and Gertrude and Alice if you’re coming via Mudgee and inquiring about any food packs they might have available. Guests are encouraged to BYO. Please see in ‘Your Stay’ as to what cooking utensils we have. In terms of where you can get food around here, Mudgee is a 55min drive away with world-class cafes and eateries, Capertee BP Service stations plus Capertee Hotel provide a decent meal some 20min away. Please call ahead to check opening hours and availability.

Virgo has a ducted air con so it can be nice and cosy inside even on the hottest of days with the sunshield up and Leo and Cancer have a very effective and powerful Dyson fan that works of solar! We are blessed with 1100m elevation here which makes our climate milder and puts us in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone, not too hot and not too cold. For us a 30+ degree day is unusually hot in summer and a rule of thumb we tend to be 10-15 degrees cooler than Penrith and a lot drier. Once the sunshield is up on a hot day it does get a lot better with the ACs but the sunshield doesn’t cover the whole tent and light and heat is still able to get into the tent. Guests will need to put the sunshield on after checkout or on the second day of their two night stay. We’d suggests guests don’t spend more time than necessary inside the tent between 10am-2pm on clear hot days even with the sunshield up and the air con on if it’s not comfortable. Each tent has shaded spots known as ‘lazy decks’ and a feature in the shade as well as daybeds with retractable hoods.

Virgo has a ducted air con. Still worth mentioning that given our altitude again we are above the line of the cold settling, meaning that last winter we didn’t dip below zero at all even on the coldest nights. All our tents have high-tech electric blankets that are able to work of solar and there are ample woollen blankets, not to mention that inside the bubble you’re protected from the wind-chill too. However, we are in the country and would encourage you to come prepared for four seasons even in the middle of summer. At a minimum, beanie and a cosy jumper. There is a fire for when outside and one the best pieces of feedback we get is how cosy and warm the bedding is! Remember when it comes to camping, there is no bad season, only bad choice of clothing! 🙂

Please see ‘Things to do’ page.

To preserve the privacy and enjoyment of our paid guests we only disclose that upon booking in a welcome pack, for which you will receive after checking in no later than two weeks before your stay. Please see ‘Location’ for approximate details on the location.

It’s a clear tent, it’s remote in some of the darkest skies in the world. It’s a mixture of excitement and dread for some people at the same time, we get it. It is a 1000acre property at the end of a road, site is tucked away on remote paddocks 3km away from the main entrance. Our property is monitored and every step has been taken to ensure you have it all to yourself. There are plenty of cute sheep, goats and some of the most spectacular wildlife in Australia. Still do exercise common sense, don’t feed the animals, don’t leave food unattended and wear enclosed footwear when stepping off the decking. If there are any problems there is a caretaker that is available to you 24/7 and the managers cabin is hidden away some 800m away from the furthest tent site. All contact numbers are in the welcome pack.

We sadly can’t accomodate any furry friends.

We sadly can’t accomodate any ankle-bitting ones either. We are an adult only campsite and unfortunately do not have facilities suitable for well-behaved children or babies or teens. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to make a booking and stay with us.

Yes there is reception at the tent sites for most of the bigger carriers, however sometimes it does drop out, naturally we don’t have any control over this happening.

We have a two night min stay policy. We do find ourselves with the odd day left out and might be able to offer it when requested, however the exemption carries a fee of $90 to cover the additional cleaning required as well as the resources around the wood-fired hot tub in our dry region. If you do see a single date we’d need your following information in order to send through a tentative reservation –

  • Your email
  • Your mobile
  • Your Address
  • Occasion you’re celebrating
  • Your partner’s name
  • How you heard about us

We have an eco-friendly compost toilets inside all tents where instead of flushing (thanks to mother nature’s ingenuity), she has given us absorbent saw dust where a generous scoop will soak up any liquids and absorb any smells! There are running hot outdoor showers at all three tent sites in nature, some guests have described them as their favourite feature! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions around the compost toilet but if you haven’t experienced composting of this nature, rest assured it’s nowhere near as scary as it may seem upon first impression! 🙂