Our Story

A Bubble tent offers you the ultimate experience of nature in cosy comfort shielded from the elements and any annoying buzzing frenemies.

In an Australian first, we are introducing a concept which allows you and your special plus one to experience something you’ve never experienced before, sleeping under the stars in a clear and inflatable bubbletent in superior comfort and convenience in the remoteness of the country.


Bubble tent Australia is an off-grid pop-up glamping tent situated on a secluded part of a 1000+ acre working farm and nestled between Lithgow and Mudgee some 200km NW from Sydney. Overlooking the second biggest canyon in the world which doubles as one of the 50 IBA (Important Bird Area) sanctuaries around the globe for bird watching.


No two days are alike in the Capertee Valley, watch as the day spectacularly turns into night and reveals the heavens above as you cosy up to a warm fire with a glass of red in your hand or lay back on the super comfy queen bed while you get acquainted with the stars.

Not sure where your zodiac is? Use the app on the iPad specifically selected to help you find it and much much more! You can even ride over on the International space station itself!!


Along with being totally immersed in the picturesque Australian outback the location is located less than an hour away to world-famous trekking, national parks, eco and heritage tours, stargazing societies, dozens of cellar doors, helicopter flights, Lake Lyell and the various water activities on offer as well as just simply enjoying disconnecting from a busy life and immersing yourself in the best of natures offerings during the day and in luxury comfort during the night!


With breathtaking views of the canyon escarpments, some of the rarest bird species in the world, friendly local fauna and the isolated serenity that makes you feel you’re the only people on the planet, it is an unrivalled way to escape, reconnect to your loved one, contemplate or just be, in other words, come here to find your true north.

A visit to Mt John observatory at the start of a new moon phase, which coincided with a meteorite shower on a cloud-free-windless night set us on our fateful Bubbletent journey. Lake Tekapo in New Zealand turns out to be one of top three spots around the world for stargazing, thanks to a concentrated local effort from the locals to minimise light pollution. After our eyes adjusted fully to the dark we were just flabbergasted at the beauty of the cosmos and the wonderment of what lay overhead. The tour finished – with a kink in our neck – we were sent back to our roofed-accommodation, the cosmos part was over for the night but our quest to replicate that experience and remained ever since.

So here we are a few years later, where after battering our little city car in search of a spot that provides that wonderment not just by night but by day as well, we finally found this slice of splendour overlooking Capertee Valley, the widest canyon in the world and a mecca for birdwatchers, virtually right in front of our Sydney noses, smack bang in the middle of the Central Tablelands of NSW.

To be able to replicate… well dare we say it, IMPROVE on our Lake Takepo experience, is what we’re here for. Come and experience it for yourself, lay back, look above and let things fall into perspective. This is the place where you find your true north.